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Featuring - Yay Abe

Yay Abe Profile

Emerging from the bustling streets of Cape Town, Yay Abe is a boundary-breaking illustrator and street artist who brings a bold, colourful style to the streets.

He uses vibrant colours and bold line work to drive a compelling narrative in his art and proudly explains that: “At some point, I realised I could tuck away and stack different scenes on top of each other to create a sort of pattern that holds surprises for my audience.”

Featuring - BEST

I am Best Jr Keamogetswe Ncube and I am a South African Digital artist from Soshanguve, Pretoria. My style of illustration exhibits a great deal of versatility because I can create abstract compositions and realistic designs/illustrations.

What inspires the creation of a lot of my pieces is the influence of the vibrant and energy-filled culture of Pretoria. This has aided me in producing an abstract and obscure view of creating an art piece whether for myself or for the public eye to consume.

Best Jnr

Photographer credit, Galaletsang Molefe.